Area of Benefit: The former Borough of Warwick and surrounding neighbourhood including the town of Warwick.

Objects of the Charity: To further the religious and other charitable work of the Church of England in the area of benefit and within that area to promote such general charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants as the Trustees see fit.

Background: St. Mary's Hall Trust is one of the smaller charities in Warwick. The trustees tend to favour grant applications involving the development of young people in the town of Warwick, especially music or community projects. Schools in Warwick are encouraged to make grant applications for suitable projects.

Grant Applications: The Trustees have no set pro-forma for grant applications which should be in writing and addressed to the Clerk of the Trustees:
R.J. Wyatt, 12 High Street, Warwick. CV32 4AP.
Telephone: 01926 496262
Fax: 01926 401464
Email: rjwyatt@margetts.co.uk

Frequency of Meetings: The Trustees normally hold three meetings per year, in March, June and November.

Scheme Date: October 1st 2004.

Registered Charity Number 230161